Meet the New Mean & Evil Jeanette Aw! 全新极端暴戾的欧萱!Meet the New Mean & Evil Jeanette Aw! 全新极端暴戾的欧萱!

Yes, you probably read her Twitter’s post that 欧萱 Jeanette will begin filming for a ‘new drama’ in August. It is now confirmed (finally) that Jeanette will take on the role of the ‘Evil Sister’ in the year end drama ‘Breakout 破天网’!

This will be Jeanette’s first breakout (excuse the pun) 破格 role from the usual feel good heroine’s roles (yawn). She will no longer be your typical sweet innocent young thing or long suffering damsel-in-distress… It is the leading evil sister’s role she is extremely excited about playing.
Described to be a poisonous stinging scorpion, an evil Medusa who will not stop to strike fear (and even death) in her opponents – 聪明机灵,却因目睹母亲和男友被杀,精神受创,变得极端任意妄为,多重性格。时而温顺,时而暴戾, Jeanette will be completely transformed. Together with her brother (to be played by Dai Yang Tian), these evil siblings will be at the opposite camp of the angelic bunch played by 周颖 Zhou Ying and 黄俊雄 Elvin Ng. Other demons include Guo Liang, Darren Lim and Belinda Lee…
Can Jeanette be so ’evil’? Can viewers accept an evil ‘Little Nyonya 小娘惹’? This is one important role that will potentially change all opinions of Jeanette before and after…can Jeanette pull it off? Is that Star Award’s Best Actress trophy anywhere in sight finally?
‘Breakout 破天网’ may just become Jeanette’s next biggest turning point after ‘The Little Nyonya’…


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Sorry again for not writing according to the post. Is Jeanette's birthday really 28/6? If it is,where is she going to celebrate? Looking forward to watch her new show. But no matter how evil she act,she will always be my idol!!!


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