Together debuts & Official website launch!

It is a love story. A coming of age story of the 6 youngsters against the changing landscape of Singapore’s history. It is more like what Channel 8 used to produce in the past with such award winning 人情味浓 dramas as ‘豆腐街 Tofu Street’, ‘五脚基 Five Foot Way’, etc.

‘Together’ drama hopes to 回顾过去,瞻望将来,突出坚韧不拔的精神。不管环境多恶劣,新加坡人还是能挺过去,并变得更坚强。
本剧将吸引“老中青”观众。中老年人喜欢回忆从前,本剧故事从60年代开始展开,正好让他们回忆起往日的点点滴滴。年轻人当下享尽科技的好处、感情 的放任,让他们看一看他们的父母辈在没有手机没有网络的世界里,如何生活,怎样谈情说爱,一定别有滋味。本剧也让观众看见往日“时髦”的一面,如当时有 “美腿先生”比赛,早期的F1――新加坡大赛车,60年代已有开设双赌场的建议,两个“开赌”地点正好就是如今IR立足之地:圣淘沙和市区。全剧以浓烈的 三情:亲情、友情、爱情贯串。

Jeanius has just launched the official Web site for Jeanette, to coincide with the debut of her new drama, Together. This site is designed to provide up-to-date information to Jeanette’s fans around the world. Fans will find latest news and updates, an extended gallery, and videos updates.You can now check it out at:

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