Wedding Blessings for Christopher Lee & Fann Wong

Good things come to those who wait. And yes, that includes us, who will now witness MediaCorp’s golden couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’, after a reel-to-real romance spanned nearly a decade.
In February this year, real-life celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee starred in the movie that was called The Wedding of the Year until it was retitled as The Wedding Game. This September, it’s time for the real wedding of the year when the two will exchange vows. And to celebrate their big day, a special TV programme will be made to commemorate this highly-anticipated event as well as to present the blessings and well-wishes from the company and their colleagues.
Ardent fans of Chris and Fann are welcome to walk this journey with them as we share their matrimonial bliss on this joyous occasion.
The special programme is divided into three different segments, all airing on Ch 8:
1st episode: 17 Sept, 2009, Thurs, 8pm (30mins)
2nd episode: 24 Sept, 2009, Thurs, 8pm (30mins)
3rd episode (Live): 29 Sept, 2009, Tue, 8pm (1hr)


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Irene said...

blissful! <3 oh, why did you removed your tagboard? haha! looking for nic's songs? yea, he cant suddenly change to 'bad guy' later his fans cant accept it :D haha!

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