100 Days Countdown before we get ‘Together’

Year-end 台庆剧 Anniversary drama ‘Together 当我们同在一起’ is fast into production – day and night non-stop. There are a few Directors and 2 Executive Producers undertaking the shooting schedule to meet the deadline. Rarely do we get the entire cast in one scene except last Monday (see photo below). Often, one group will be shooting in the MediaCorp’s studio while another one is out on a location shoot somewhere in Singapore (e.g. at the back lane in Geylang).

You don’t have to wait that long to see your favorite stars in characters as we will launch the 100 Days Countdown to the telecast of ‘Together’ this Saturday. You will see TV spots, more news and milestone events (ok but subject to artiste’s availability and time) during this 100 days countdown.
Besides some sample photos of the on-going production, you can also refer to next week’s i-Weekly for more coverage and photos. A dedicated website like the previous ‘The Little Nyonya’ will be launched soon. So, do look out for them when they are released…
Source: BaGua TV
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