Jeanette Aw is becoming Sun Yanzi?

Cough? Yes.
Running nose? Yes.
Fever. No.
Jeanette Aw was coughing and nursing a running nose at today’s imaging session for the year end blockbuster ‘当我们同在一起’. She caught the bug almost 3 weeks ago which started around the same time she did the ‘TrueHearts’ Charity Show.
Jeanette Aw is sickAlready all the clothes specially chosen for Jeanette didn’t quite fit her as she is thinner now. The fashion stylist joked that she may have to source for JA’s outfits in the children’s department soon…
She has seen a doctor and certified ok but she is looking more and more like Sun Yanzi lor…(as in size and weight lah). She said she may try out Chinese TCM if she still doesn’t recover completely… She is hoping to get well soon as the shoot for the new drama will begin in two weeks’ time. Her assistant was overheard telling Dai Yang Tian to take good care of JA when the filming begins as both will be shooting for days and nights together…
With Influenza A (H1N1) around, I think many people will be avoiding just about anyone who coughs or sneezes as if ’seeing ghost’ like that lor… Stars like Jeanette Aw is no exception (ok…she is a pretty ghost…haha).
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WiShInG JeaNette a SpEEdy ReCoVery HEre:)

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