Breaking News: 1,672,000 观众缔造‘小娘惹The Little Nyonya’ 大结局辉煌收视纪录!

Last night alone, 1,672,000 number of viewers tuned in to ‘the Little Nyonya’ 2-hour back-to-back finale telecast. Already No.1 most-watched in the last 15 years, this finale night alone is huge by any standard. It even shot up to as high as 33.8%! The drama reached out to 65.1% of the population or 2,884,000 viewers who had somehow tuned in and watched The Little Nyonya throughout its telecast period since launch!

‘小娘惹The Little Nyonya’ Goes Overseas

This drama will be screened in Malaysia this month and soon all over China, Vietnam and Cambodia. People of these countries will learn about our unique Peraranakan cultures and our stars may become even bigger overseas…

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